5 Reasons to Download the Bible

If there are words that you would like to hear, what words will it be and from whom? The Bible contains the word and the teachings of God. You cannot hear the words of God from the Bible but you can read it and feel it. The Bible contains reflections of life. There are many things that you can learn from it and reading it has tremendous benefits. Below are 5 reasons to download the Bible and read it:

1. The Bible tells us the meaning of life – When God created the world, He also created us. Everything in this world has its own purpose and humans are no exception to that. Did you ever ask what your purpose in life is? By reading the Bible, you will find out your purpose in life. You will find out why God created you and why He wanted you to live.

2. The Bible will teach you to deal with people and how to understand them – The Bible depicts many relationships among mankind. It tells us how they lived long ago through good times and hard times. Knowing how they cope up with the situation teaches us how to understand people and understanding the people around us makes the world a better place to live in.

3. It teaches us how to find true success in life – There are many people who have lots of money but they are never happy. They feel that something is missing in their life. They don’t even know what success in life is. What is success in life according to you? To some it may be having lots of money. To others it might be good health. Success in life varies from one person to another but the true meaning of success can only be found in the Bible.

4. It strengthens your communication with God – If there is one problem that people could never solve, it is God who always can. God is always there for you. You can talk to Him like a friend or like a father. Downloading the bible and reading it helps you understand God and it brings you closer to Him.

5. It makes you strong – If there is one thing that the Bible can greatly help you with, that is improving you as a person. Learning the teachings of the Bible lets you adapt to any situation. You will always have faith and you will always look to a brighter future despite the tough times.
Downloading the Bible and reading it is really beneficial to us. When you sum all the benefits of the Bible, it simply gives the answers to all the possible questions in life. This is more than enough to guide you with your life.

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Lost books of the Bible

Many estimate that there were around twenty gospels written by early Christians that were not included in the bible. These so called “non-biblical” gospels seemed to have disappeared but some copies have survived. However some are still missing and may be lost forever. Here is an article that describes the lost sayings Gospel Q, the Gospel of Mary, The Gospel of Judas, the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Peter. Also included is a scroll fragment.

Lost Books of the Bible